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World Foundation

Kashmir World Foundation designs and develops autonomous unmanned systems and works with global partners to apply advance technology solutions for conservation and counter poaching of endangered species worldwide. 


Illegal Wildlife Trafficking


Endangered Species


Land Protected by National Parks


Earth for Us to Protect

Drones on Edge Computing

Flying animals can precisely detect and identify their prey and then determine the best path to achieve a successful mission. Kashmir Robotics drone designs are inspired by nature and then developed to protect nature. 

Hands On Build a Drone Workshops

When the mind and body engage in kinesthetic learning, the spirit promotes critical thinking. Effective change requires the ability to explore and experiment beyond the ordinary. 



KwF unites us in a critical mission to protect endangered species through global collaboration and innovation of emerging technology solutions. From students to scientists, from teachers to activists, we can all contribute our knowledge and skills. And together our efforts can truly make a big impact.

Purchase to Protect

A gift from the himalayan mountains of Kashmir, pashmina shawls are hand woven using eco friendly methods. You can support local communities and help protect endangered species when you purchase from Kashmir Rose.

Get to Know Us

KwF is a 100% Volunteer lead and run non-profit organization that works with people from around the world to help develop drones with artificial intelligence to study and protect our wildlife.

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