"Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they've been given than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact. It's an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It's a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Impossible is nothing."                                                                                 ---Muhammad Ali, 1943 - 2016

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Kashmir World Foundation provides a pathway into a new world, one in which people learn and collaborate globally to improve the world.


600 million years ago, the first forms of animal life began to appear on Earth. Becoming increasingly complex, life continued to evolve over the years, ever changing and shaping our home, the earth. These magnificent species bring an incredible diversity and beauty to the home we share. But these species are endangered and many extinct. Poachers hunt them for their body parts, as humans continue to demand these products and the black market wildlife trade becomes increasingly lucrative. 

Kashmir World Foundation divisions of education, science, and art collaborate to integrate advanced technology solutions for wildlife conservation and protection.


Kashmir Robotics develops and integrates counter poaching drones that can process data onboard the aircraft using Artificial Intelligence to protect endangered species worldwide. 


Kashmir Academy conducts hands-on workshops for students, educators and conservationists, on the design and development of custom drones embedded with AI for real world applications. These groundbreaking technologies are revolutionizing conservation and counter poaching methods. Through a global network of partners and over 300 interns, we are inspiring the tech leaders of tomorrow to collaborate on solving real world problems, now.  Kashmir Academy conducts hands-on workshops for students educators and conservationists, on the design and development of custom drones embedded with AI for real world applications. These groundbreaking technologies are revolutionizing conservation and counter poaching methods.  Through a global network of partners and over 300 interns we are inspiring the tech leaders of tomorrow to collaborate on solving real world problems, now.

Kashmir Rose funds Kashmir World Foundation technology and education divisions. Every masterly handcrafted product you purchase from Kashmir Rose will support conservation efforts & help save endangered species.

Kashmir World Foundation unites us all in a critical mission to protect endangered species through global collaboration and innovation of emerging technology solutions. From students to scientists, from teachers to activists, we can all contribute our knowledge and skills. And together our efforts can truly make a big impact.


Will you join us? 


Princess Aliyah
Executive Director

Princess Aliyah Pandolfi is the Executive Director of Kashmir World Foundation. Princess Aliyah chose a path to provide an interdisciplinary education and means to achieve real world solutions through a global network of scientists, researchers, academics, engineers and students. A pioneer in education, the Princess has created mission focused programs that integrates art, science, and technology as enablers for innovation and invention. She has engaged individuals, organizations, business leaders, universities and governments throughout the world in collaboration to protect endangered wildlife, the broader earth ecosystem, and the role of our planet in an evolving cosmology.


Princess Aliyah is an inspirational and innovative inventor and educator with a vision to change the world through tools of knowledge. Drawing on her success in real estate, business, and international finance, Princess Aliyah founded KwF in September 2008. Her approach is to enlighten through education and communications to make people aware of the broader context in which they live, and empower with technological inventions and financial infrastructures within which communities can flourish. 


"When art, science, and technology are combined with theoretical and practical learning activities, people can have better understanding of the broader context innovation and invention play in the improvement of civilizations. Through the DaVinci Challenge, participants are encouraged to focus on a potential change to improve the world, then build a drone to help achieve that change."


Under the direction of Princess Aliyah, Kashmir World Foundation has developed a unique approach to help people evolve from dependency on others for basic necessities, to cultivating leaders within a sustainable community.


As a descendant of royals from Kashmir, a country struggling to combat poaching of endangered Snow Leopards, Princess Aliyah has a full understanding of the costs of poaching, habitat distuction, and challenge faced by conservationists.

Dr. Ronald Pandolfi
Director of Kashmir Robotics

Dr. Pandolfi has 30 years of extensive experience in the application of surveillance, communications, robotics, aircraft and weapons systems to counter poaching of endangered species. As Founder and Director of the Technology Assisted Counter Poaching TACP-network, he has been working behind the scenes for over 25 years equipping rangers and other ground forces with the tools needed to defeat poachers and the criminal organizations engaged in trafficking of endangered species. 


Dr. Pandolfi designed and engineered the Davinci Challenge multi-copter drone kits for educational and instructional purposes. He lectures students during workshops to collaborate using open source hardware and software for mission focused applications equipped with onboard processing through self-learning algorithms on single board computers and sensors integrated throughout their autonomous unmanned aerial systems.

Dr. Gale Bishop
Director of Wildlife Conservation

Dr. Gale A. Bishop, who celebrated a 50-year academic career in 2014, has impacted innumerable students and produced a body of published work consisting of 108 papers, 11 websites, and hundreds of talks on science, science education, and sea turtles. Born in North Dakota, Bishop grew up in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, where he attended high school before earning a B.S. (1965) and M.S. (1967) in geology from South Dakota School of Mines and Technology. He went on to earn a Ph.D. (1971) in Geology from University of Texas (Austin). His career included 28 years teaching at Georgia Southern University (1971—1999), followed by five years at the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology (2001—2006), and 25 concurrent years as director or co-director of the St. Catherines Island Sea Turtle Conservation Program (1990—2012) now known as the Georgia Southern University Sea Turtle Program at St. Catherines island (as of 2014).

Bishop was founding director of the GSU Museum and has served as associate editor for the Journal of Crustacean Biology and Associate Editor for Invertebrate Paleontology for the Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington 2001—2008). Bishop’s earlier research focused on fossil decapod crustaceans (crabs, lobsters, and shrimp) of the Cretaceous of North America and his later research focused on heavy mineral sand accumulation and occurrences, sea turtle nesting ecology and conservation, and science education reform. He has produced a significant body of research on nest morphology and nesting ecology of loggerhead sea turtles, and the geology of St. Catherines Island. He impacted the study of the geological record with the 1997 discovery of the first-known fossilized sea turtle nesting structures in the Cretaceous Fox Hills sandstone of Colorado.


William Hoganson, Drone Engineer
Swarthmore College, 2022
Ellen Oskoui, Drone Mentor
Potomac High School
Grey Golla, Drone Engineer
Purdue University, 2021
Tayler Childers, Graphic Design
New York
Arthur Tisseront, Drone Expert
Rochester Institute of Technology, 2021
Mara Szabova, Photography
Vance Ferren, Drone Engineer
Penn State, 2017
Olivia Arostegui, Graphic Design
Salt Lake City, UT
Rahul Rajan
Georgia Tech University, 2022
Carolina Ocampo
Bogotá, Columbia
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Kashmir World Foundation has contributed to providing interns with experience and exposure to art, science and technology in over 50 countries composing of more than 300 Interns from around the globe. Thank you for helping us make a difference.


KwF collaborates with a variety of industry partners to help solve real world challenges. KwF offers a variety of platforms which allow individuals and organizations to get involved and become engaged in a variety of educational and conservation programs. Whether your interest lies within a corporate membership, sponsorship, or philanthropic support, Kashmir World Foundation can help meet your unique objectives.


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