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Meet the Team

The Kashmir World Foundation team consists of volunteers from around the world, including professionals and students, who are committed to making a positive impact. We believe that collaboration is the key to creating a better future, and we strive to bring together people from different countries and cultures to work towards a shared goal.

Senior Advisors

The visionary team at Kashmir World Foundation is committed to protecting endangered species around the world from poachers. The foundation brings together engineers, scientists, and field experts from around the globe to develop ground-breaking technologies to fight poaching. Backed by their Technology Assisted Counter Poaching Network, this innovative group is paving the way for the future of endangered species conservation with their cutting-edge unmanned aerial and ground systems. Join Kashmir World Foundation in their fight to save wildlife and the planet.

Head of Special Projects
General Johan Jooste
South African National Parks (SANParks)
Executive Director
Dr. Nick Pilcher
Marine Research Foundation-Borneo
Senior Conservation Analyst
Dr. Filipe Spina
WWF Brazil
Conservationist, Wildlife Ecologist, & Associate Professor
Dr. Ali Nawaz
Qatar University
Sea Turtle Conservation Program Coordinator
Dr. Melania Lopez
Pronatura Yucatan Peninsula
Sea Turtle Conservationist
Dr. Gale Bishop
Geo Trac
Aerospace Engineer
Tim Street
Wolf Den Associates
Aerospace Engineer
Todd Stubblebine
US Navy Air Command
Retd. Electrical Engineering Professor
John Sahr
University of Washington
Senior Electrical Engineer
William Manczuk
Retd. US Government Official
Jay Gundlach
Gundlach Aero
Director of Chinese Strategy
Michael Pillsbury
Hudson Institute
Alan Taylor
Rapid Composites
Scientist & Lecturer
Dennis Bushnell
Department Head Engineering & Technology
Dr. Burchan Aydin
Texas A&M University-Commerce
Founder & CT
Mark Page
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