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In Collaboration with local communities we can ensure a sustainable future for endangered species with the application of artificial intelligence in air, ground and marine surveillance systems.

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    MiSHELL Monitors Sea Turtle Activity

    MiSHELL, a fully autonomous drone has a mission to fly over sea turtle nesting beaches to provide timely, consistent and optimized data to marine biologist about sea turtle tracks,nesting, erosion, hatching, and disturbances.    

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    Protect Snow Leopards

    The ghost cat of the mountains is one of hardest endangered species to study. Kashmir Robotics' application of deep learning and computer vision willenhance the efficiency and reliability to interpreting images from cameratraps, integration of robotics including aerial robotics will expand coverageand provide persistent imagery of snow leopards. 

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    Tree ID

    The goal of this proposal is to foster and advance innovative conservation technologies in order to scale global efforts to effectively gather and utilize the critical data necessary to understand and successfully protect the planet. We intend to contribute to the development of more effective approaches to innovative forest monitoring using technology, whilst building the necessary human capacity for such technology to be effectively used to aid conservation in Brazil.

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    Wildlife Conservation UAV Challenge

    Over 150 Wildlife Conservation UAV Challenge teams from six continents competed and collaborated to design and develop drones that emphasized the integration of sensors, embedded systems, and communications in a robust and high endurance aircraft to counter poaching of endangered rhinos and elephants in South Africa. 



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