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Tree ID

The goal of this project is to foster and advance innovative conservation technologies in order to scale global efforts to effectively gather and utilize the critical data necessary to understand and successfully protect the planet. We intend to contribute to the development of more effective approaches to innovative forest monitoring using technology, whilst building the necessary human capacity for such technology to be effectively used to aid conservation in Brazil.

Drones are crucial players in the modern fight to protect ecologically challenged environments and endangered species. Using drones, conservationists are empowered by the latest technology to monitor environmental challenges such as wildfires, drought, and deforestation. Using customized drones, conservationists can create 3D maps for the management and detection of fires, habitat restoration, and tree identification using machine learning.

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The Cerrado is a vast tropical savanna ecoregion of Brazil. The Cerrado biome core areas are the plateaus in the center of Brazil, the second largest habitat after the Amazon.


In the span of only 50 years, the Cerrado has seen the loss of upwards of 50% of its natural forestation and grasslands to farming and urbanization. The disruption of the Cerrado biome and the Sertão Veredas-Peruaçu (SVP) Protected Area Mosaic which holds the majority of its natural vegetation and hosts countless endangered species has put wildlife at risk of extinction.


KwF has been working to detect and identify 3 specific tree species in the Cerrado.

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