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Our Work

Kashmir World Foundation divisions of art, science, and technology collaborate to create programs and projects using cutting edge technology solutions for the protection of endangered species.

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Kashmir Academy

Kashmir Academy is the education division of Kashmir World Foundation. The Academy has created a network of academics and professionals engaged in collaborative and hands-on educational programs to solve real world challenges using robotic systems and artificial intelligence through the power of open source hardware and software tools. Innovative projects are embracing drones as companions that are vital to solving local and global catastrophes.

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Kashmir Robotics

Kashmir Robotics is the science and technology division of Kashmir World Foundation. Kashmir Robotics develops and integrates custom, mission-focused unmanned aerial systems (UASs) that are equipped with artificial intelligence, allowing them to process data on-board, making them an extraordinarily beneficial tool used for the conservation and counter-poaching of endangered species.


Kashmir Rose

Kashmir Rose is the art history division of the Kashmir World Foundation.  Kashmir Rose collaborates on protecting endangered species through artist made products. The product purchases from Kashmir Rose provide KwF with a financial infrastructure to develop technology solutions for wildlife conservation and counter poaching of endangered species worldwide.


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