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Video Game: Counter Poaching Games

Counter Poaching Games is an educational conservation and anti-poaching game designed to teach the players about the difficulties faced by endangered species, rangers, conservationists and how KwF is developing and applying autonomous systems such as drones, A.I. and other technology solutions to help protect the most vulnerable of wildlife species.

Embark on a global mission to rescue endangered animals from the clutches of poachers, confront habitat destruction, and navigate other perilous challenges in this immersive video game. Armed with customizable autonomous systems, players journey across diverse landscapes, employing strategic skills to protect Earth's most vulnerable creatures.

As the game unfolds, players accumulate valuable experience points (XP), charting their progress through increasingly complex missions. Unlock new levels and elevate the gaming experience by personalizing your avatar and drone with a myriad of cosmetic options. Whether soaring over lush jungles, traversing icy tundras, or navigating through urban landscapes, the adventure evolves, offering both thrilling encounters and opportunities for creative expression.

Get ready to make a difference in the virtual world while mastering the art of wildlife conservation. Will you rise to the challenge and become the ultimate guardian of endangered species? The journey is yours to customize and conquer in this dynamic and engaging video game experience.

Project Numbers


The KwF Game Developers plan to launch phase 1 of the game in the Fall of 2023.


The age rating for the multi-player game will be 10+.


The is a action-adventure video that will allow players to learn about life of endangered species on 7 continents.

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