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Video Game: Counter Poaching Games

Counter Poaching Games is an educational conservation and anti-poaching game designed to teach the players about the difficulties faced by endangered species, rangers, conservationists and how KwF is developing and applying autonomous systems such as drones, A.I. and other technology solutions to help protect the most vulnerable of wildlife species.

Player travel on missions worldwide to help save endangered animals from poachers, habitat destruction, and other dangers using their customizable autonomous systems. As the game progresses, the player earns experience (XP) and unlocks new levels and cosmetic options for their avatar and drone.

Project Numbers


The KwF Game Developers plan to launch phase 1 of the game in the Fall of 2023.


The age rating for the multi-player game will be 10+.


The is a action-adventure video that will allow players to learn about life of endangered species on 7 continents.

Project Gallery

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