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Technovation Event at Virginia Tech College

By Ola Miller and Kelly Gibson

On Saturday, 18th of May, Technovation organized an event at Virginia Tech College, where they invited teams of girls from all over the world to work together and apply their skills to solve real-world problems using the latest technology. This year 21 teams, who had been working together for a few months, created mobile apps meant to resolve important issues people all over the world are facing. Every team provided

valuable insights and showed creative solutions to improve the world.

The main goal of Saturday’s event was to honor the hard work of the girls, who had put a lot of effort into their projects, and to promote girls’ interest in technological development and possible career paths in the STEM field. The event ended with the judges and audience choosing the winning teams in different age groups and categories.

Kashmir World Foundation (KwF) was an important part of the Technovation event because Princess Aliyah gave an inspirational speech at the beginning of the competition, where she talked about the organization, the mission, and the opportunities it provides for KwF interns. Additionally, she recognized the effort and hard work that all the girls put into their projects. KwF not only offered the 2 winning teams an opportunity to fly drones with her, but also gave girls a chance to learn about different internship opportunities such as working on the Drone Kit App that facilitates the process of assembling drones by making it more interactive thanks to the step-by-step guidance, and videos.

KwF sponsored the event because giving the girls a chance to apply the knowledge they gained throughout the mobile application development process is essential to further develop their skills. Without a doubt, this event was successful because every team showed great potential for future improvement. Additionally, it offered a variety of opportunities for girls who would like to learn more about technology and use it to better the world.


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