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CSIS - Combating Wildlife Poaching and Insecurity in Africa

On 15, July 2015 " Wildlife Poaching and Insecurity in Africa" was held at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS); a comprehensive discussion exploring innovative solutions to combat wildlife poaching and insecurity in Africa.

Keynote remarks were made by:

The Honorable Ed Royce (R-CA) Chairman, House Committee on Foreign Affai

The Honorable Jeff Flake (R-AZ) Chairman, Subcommittee on African Affairs, Senate Foreign Relations Committee

Professor Judi Wakhungu

Cabinet Secretary for Environment, Water, and Natural Resources,

Government of Kenya

Ensuing panelists examined the latest policy initiatives and proposals aimed at combating wildlife crime in Africa and remedying its ill-effects on states and communities; analyze the human and international security challenges posed by the poaching and trafficking crisis; and highlight successful on-the-ground models for conservation and security.

The CSIS Africa Program denounces the massive illicit market, the illicit ivory trade and rhino horn poaching in Africa. Indeed, the current poaching crisis is massive and illicit. According to the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 100,000 elephants were killed between 2010 and 2012. As time passes more species become endangered.

The CSIS Africa Program investigates possible links between illegal ivory activities and terrorist organizations. The ruthless killings threaten animals and rangers who are protecting them. We must find a long term solution through a good management. According to Jean Marc Froment, Director of Conservation, African Parks NetworkIn fact, "a good management solution tends to be resolve problems in the region of African Parks."

Princess Aliyah attended the event and questioned, "In the last couple of years with increased awareness and funding why have the number of wildlife poaching increased? With so many intelligent and powerful people working together why are we still losing our wildlife on a daily basis?"

We need to "Think BIG, start small, and Act Now" according to Maj. Gen. (ret.) Johan Jooste, Anti-Poaching Chief, Kruger National Park South Africa. We'll make mistakes, but we must try instead of sitting back and watch our wildlife disappear.

Left to right: Princess Aliyah, KwF CEO & Maj. Gen. Johan Jooste Anti-Poaching Chief, Kruger National Park South Africa.

Kashmir World Foundation is has become a leader in developing drone technology to counter poaching of endangered species. KwF's fight against poaching started with the Wildlife Conservation UAV Challenge - a call of ACTION to the world to collaborate on developing the most innovative drone technologies to counter the poaching of rhinos in Kruger National Park. 140 teams from 30 different countries responded by collaborating to protect endangered species worldwide.

In 2013, Princess Aliyah guided the wcUAVc Leadership Team on a Fact Finding Mission to South Africa hosted by General Major Johan Jooste. Within a couple of weeks, her team was able to establish the baseline for the requirements needed to develop a drone that could process data onboard and deliver essential information to the rangers on the ground.

Wildlife Conservation UAV Challenge: is to design aircraft that can be deployed over the rugged terrain of Kruger, operate for hours, equipped with sensors able to detect and locate poachers, and with communications able to relay accurate and timely intelligence to Park Rangers. The main goal is to create an awareness concerning the poaching of endangered species worldwide. For more information visit

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