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Inspiring the Next Generation to be Active in Wildlife Conservation

Written by: Kate Chiriboga

Edited by: Yunling Ying

The Kashmir World Foundation (KwF) has a commitment to protecting endangered species through technology, education, and art. Collaborative artistic efforts from interns around the world play a crucial role in KwF’s creations. Throughout the course of the summer, members of the Art and Design Team have created an activity book targeted towards fourth through sixth grade students. The activity book will educate younger generations about endangered species, specifically snow leopards, through artistic creations developed by the interns, such as writing story prompts, a comic creation activity, and more.

The cover photo for the snow leopard activity book, created by Kylie Gatchalian

The snow leopard activity book was inspired by its predecessor, the sea turtle activity book. After brainstorming for projects that promoted conservation, interns Mariana Lerardi and Ilona Lepshokova came up with the idea for an activity book. Thus, the sea turtle activity book was created, which eventually lead to the creation of the snow leopard version.

The snow leopard’s ecological vulnerability is the result of man-made challenges such as hunting, human retaliation, and habitat loss due to development and population increase. One of KwF’s goals is to bring more efficient solutions for wildlife conservation. Above 70% of the snow leopard’s habitat has been unexplored, due to their habitat being in the highest mountain ranges. A young snow leopard cub in the stalking position. KwF has been working on a monitoring Photo by Robert Sachowski from Unsplash

program that will observe the movement of

snow leopards via drones, and overall will enhance the monitoring of mountain biodiversity.

A preview photo of the snow leopard activity book, featuring work created by Elise, Kylie, Mariana, and Autumn of the Art and Design Team of KwF.

The book introduces a family of snow leopards that travels through the pages, meeting other characters such as a KwF biologist and other animals that share the snow leopard’s habitat. It presents information in a child-friendly format, promoting critical thinking to allow for an environmentally conscious education, through handmade drawings, word hunts, at-home projects, and more. The book aims to help children understand how they can help endangered species, inspiring the next generation to take initiative in protecting the environment.

A photo of the Art and Design Team's weekly meeting.

Photo taken by Adrian Tabije.

None of this would be possible without the amazing team of interns from across the world who worked hard to make this activity book come to life.

Here are what the interns have to say about their work.

Elise, an intern and artist who’s made art her whole life, said “I can't wait to see my own drawings in the activity book that kids from around the world are going to use to learn, especially because this activity book is something that I would have absolutely loved when I was a kid.” Find Elise's work on Instagram: elisemarkle_art

Kylie, who is an intern, writer, and illustrator, said "With this activity book, I am hoping that my illustrations can help kids learn about snow leopards! Our team wants children to both have fun and gain new knowledge about wildlife protection." Find Kylie's work on Instagram: kygatchie

Quinn, the intern who created the interactive comic portion of the book said, “Working on the Snow Leopard Activity Book was a fun experience! I’m glad I was able to use my best talents to make the book as cool and engaging as it is, and I’m glad I got to work with such an awesome team of Interns. I hope my contributions will leave students in awe and inspired to learn more about art!” Find Quinn's work on Instagram: qxo_art

Everything featured in the book was illustrated and researched by KwF interns. The creators of this book are an example of what an environmentally conscious future can look like, whether creating art or innovative technology. Most importantly, they incorporate their interests within a positive outlet.

KwF plans to release the activity book on November 1, 2022, in partnership with Sabir Abdullah Public High School (SAPHS), a school located in Kashmir. SAPHS is a school focused on enhancing quality education with approximately 800+ students that educates students from pre-nursery to 10th grade.

Follow them on Facebook: SAPHS Anantnag

Two young boys working on the sea turtle activity book

created by KwF. Photo taken by Alejandra Rodriguez.

Schools around the world are able to receive the book for free through the end of 2022 by contacting us at Additionally, once the book is completed by the students, KwF is able to host a webinar for the school for an open discussion with the KwF team about the technology and snow leopard conservation.

If you want to create projects like the snow leopard activity book, consider being an intern for KwF!

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