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Innovations in Flight

On Saturday, 15th of June, Kashmir World Foundation (KwF) participated in the Innovations in Flight event organized by the Smithsonian Air and Space museum at the Steven F. Udvar- Hazy Center in Chantilly, Virginia. This event allowed visitors to explore the design and engineering behind the newest technological developments of the last century of aviation. Additionally, the Innovations in Flight event offered hands-on STEM activities to encourage children to learn about the science behind the latest discoveries.

Kashmir World Foundation was one of the organizations that was invited to share drone advancement and applications for the foundation mission. KwF had a team of hardworking, passionate international an local interns and volunteers, who educated and encouraged visitors to participate in different projects, workshops, internships and opportunities offered by KwF. The booth was very popular because KwF’s mission to use drones and Artificial Intelligence to help protect endangered species is unique. KwF’s team prepared many flyers and promotional tools and displayed four different types of drones to visualize their work and encourage others to join the KwF mission of education and drone development for wildlife conservation and protection. KwF had a chance to inspire people of all ages to learn about a variety of drones evolving for future applications.

The Innovations in Flight event was a success because it gave KwF an opportunity to create awareness about endangered species, custom drones and how people can become involved with the foundation's mission.

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