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Fifth Week Working for Kashmir World Foundation: from the perspective of three international Berea C

Ola, Giorgi and Emely are halfway through with their internships. They are sharing their opinions and experiences regarding their work at KwF.

According to Ola, this week was very eventful. “This week was definitely interesting. I feel that I am making progress every day and I think this internship offers me a unique opportunity to learn so many interesting things in many different fields. Every day I take advantage of what I have learned at Berea College and it makes me happy that I have a chance to build on the knowledge I already have. I believe that this experience will help me in the future and I am looking forward to the second half of my internship,” she says. “It was a busy week, because I focused on finishing tasks Aliyah had assigned before she left on vacation, and I had a chance to do more things after she returned on Wednesday. It was nice to change my focus and do something different,” she adds.

Giorgi agrees with Ola, saying that he has made a lot of progress so far: “This week has been very eventful, productive and interesting. I have made a lot of progress on the YOLO network and the detection pipeline. However, I have encountered some issues with the detection system where it would draw random boxes all over the place. I believe it was overfitting, so I decided to add more outside data, thus I have collected some in order, however a couple of issues came up. I am aware that 80% of a data scientist’s job is data management and manipulation so I am not too upset about it. In addition to that, I finally was able to get past the non-appearing bounding boxes,” he explains.

Emely is satisfied with her work so far too. “This week was dedicated completely to doing technical work on the Drone App with QR code, and I can safely say that I got myself into a routine. Every day I knew I had to sit down and get progress done for the app. I learned that working in a routine is not a bad thing and that I kind of like having a routine because it gives me the opportunity to fully focus on something every day and to plan for the next day’s activities. Half of this week entailed more alone work on the Drone App for Kashmir World Foundation because our internship supervisor and her family were on vacation. I would like to mention that even though I was working alone this week, she was always checking on us through text and asking if there was anything that needed to be checked or completed on her part,” she says.

The Berea College interns are doing a great job helping Kashmir World Foundation. They are learning a lot and exploring their passions. Having an internship at KwF is definitely helping them to improve their skills, and allowing them to gain knowledge and hands-on experience that will be beneficial for their future development. They are all looking forward to the rest of their internships.

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