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Kashmir Robotics drone kits and accessories offer an opportunity to learn to build, program, operate using a ground station software and transmitter. 

Educational Drone Kits

Hands-on education for engaging students

KwF believes it is vital to foster interest in autonomous aircraft systems among both students. Our approach is to challenge students with a mission focus, enable them with education and a specially prepared robotic aircraft kits, and provide a mix of online and personal resources in a collaborative atmosphere.

As our world evolves, our means of educating must evolve to actively engage students in hands-on learning workshops where critical thinking skills are developed. Through technical troubleshooting exercises, students develop the skills needed to assess the problem and take decisive action to
mitigate the situation.

Since its founding in 2014, the DaVinci Challenge: Build a Drone workshops have grown and expanded to include tailored workshops and camps for students and professionals. Our workshops create an environment where students of all ages can learn to cooperate in building drones while learning about robotic systems integration, programming and how to work as a team to achieve broader objectives and develop mission focused UASs to solve real world challenges.

Ask us how we can help you build a drone program at your school or university. 

Drone Accessories

Drone Kits