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UKY Ph.D Student Builds a Drone Remotely

Abdelaziz Lawani is a PhD student from Benin (West Africa) currently studying at the University of Kentucky. In Benin, poaching is a serious problem that endangers many species. In the WAP parks (west Africa) many species are threatened not only by poachers but also by illegal and unsustainable practices in and around this complex of protected areas that covers 3 countries of West Africa: Benin, Burkina Faso, and Niger.

Lawani believes drones can be a relatively cheap and very effective way to fight against poaching but also against all the unsustainable activities that are affecting biodiversity in the parks. For this reason, Lawani teamed up with his colleague Charlotte Hansen to develop a program using aerial surveillance via drones to fight against poaching.


awani and Hansen reached out to KwF for collaboration and education on drone technology. Lawani began building Kashmir Robotics hexacopter via Skype with the DaVinci Challenge: Build a Drone Workshop held at the Microsoft Store in Tysons Corner during the month of November.

Lawani is a diligent student never giving up and working to complete his drone!

A new partnership took flight with Abdelaziz Lawani and Charlotte Hansen conducting the project: “Contribution to the biodiversity conservation through anti-poaching drones in the W-Arly-Pendjari Parks in West Africa” and Kashmir World Foundation. Together, the Parties will promote the use of drones for biodiversity conservation. Kashmir World Foundation provided training on building, operating and maintaining drones to the team and will continue working with them to integrate drones for wildlife protection in West Africa.

We look forward to providing continued support to the organization who are passionate and dedicated to improving the world and protecting our wildlife. #benin #africa #wildlife #counterpoaching #WArlyPendjariParks #westafrica #kashmirworldfoundation #DaVinciChallenge #buildadrone #kwf #kashmirrobotics

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