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Together We Will Go Far

(Photo: Left to Right Saad Ahmed, McLean Wells Fargo Branch Manager , Ramzi Great Falls Wells Fargo Branch Manager, Princess Aliyah Executivie Director KwF, Jesse Bonales, District Manager Greater McLean)

Community Connections Grants are given by Wells Fargo to support non-profits that benefit the local communities through programs and projects. Under the direction of Princess Aliyah, Kashmir World Foundation encourages collaboration across technical, geographical, and temporal boundaries. KwF extends a network of good to those along parallel paths to discovery, adventure, and expansion.

In recognition of KwF's accomplishments, Wells Fargo awarded Princess Aliyah with the coveted Wells Fargo Community Connections Award and grant. It was the third year in a row that the Wells Fargo presented KwF with this award.

We also believe "Together we will go far".

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