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Smithsonian Innovation in Flight

The Smithsonian Air & Space Museum hosted: " The Innovation in Flight Family Day" on June 20, 2015.

Kashmir World Foundation was invited to present the DaVinci Challenge: Build a Drone workshop at the Udvar Hazy Air & Space Museum in Chantilly, Virginia.

The Innovation in Flight Day gave KwF interns & mentors an opportunity to educate visitors on drone technology and the importance of learning: how to build, maintain, operate and develop mission-focused drones.

During the day visiting parents, students and teachers discovered the engineering and design innovations that have taken place since the flight began more than 100 years ago and participated in hands-on, STEM-based education activities that demonstrate the science behind flights. The Innovation in Flight Family Day offered visitors a chance to explore modern aircraft on display.

Left to right: Grey Golla, KwF Intern & Princess Aliyah, CEO

Drones were initially used for military purposes but through the evolution of small handheld devices, open-source hardware & software, and international collaboration through the Wildlife Conservation UAV Challenge Kashmir World Foundation evolved to educate individuals worldwide on the positive uses of drones such as protection of endangered species and conservation research.

International KwF Team Left to Right, Grey Golla, Sephr Naimi, Dr. Pandolfi, Princess Aliyah, Myraim Jaakar (France), Gabi Candido (Brazil), Henrique Blanck (Brazil, Paul Etinney (France), and Carson Bennet.

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