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Sixth Week Interning for Kashmir World Foundation: from the perspective of three international Berea

Three international Berea College students: Ola, Emely and Giorgi have just finished their sixth week interning for Kashmir World Foundation. Here, they share their opinions and experiences regarding their work and responsibilities.

According to Giorgi, this week was very busy. “This week I have been going through a roller coaster of emotions. I added more data to the training set, which increased the number of training points from 907 to 3115 images. I wrote an xml parser that put the correct names for appropriate images. I was very happy when it all worked out, and I was hoping that the additional data would also improve the model performance. However, when I actually put that data through training, the model results did not show any major improvements, which was a major disappointment compared to what I expected would happen,” he says.

However, despite a few obstacles that Giorgi had to face, he is satisfied with the work he does for Kashmir World Foundation. “I am very excited about the progress I made so far. I admire KwF’s mission very much and I am glad I can use my skills and knowledge to contribute to the organization,” he explains.

Emely agrees with Giorgi, saying that interning at KwF has definitely been an amazing experience. “If you were to ask me what I like the most about Kashmir World Foundation, I would say that I like that the organization is unique. There are several organizations out there but it is not typical to hear of organizations using technology as the main component to protect endangered species; and interning here has allowed me to understand how an organization works and what kind of work is required to make this one, in particular, successful” she says.

According to Ola, this internship allows her to gain knowledge from many different sources and fields. “I have been here for more than a month and I got into my routine. I know all the requirements of my job, which has resulted in me being more confident and comfortable working on my own and completing my assignments. I am glad that this internship offers me so many different opportunities. I think that I have learned a lot not only about different marketing strategies but also about working in professional environment. I believe that the experiences I am gaining now are going to be valuable for my future career development” she explains. “My sixth week was definitely exciting. I was able to do many interesting things and learn a lot about different marketing tools and strategies. I cannot believe how fast the time passes and that I only have one more month working for Kashmir World Foundation. However, I think that I still have plenty of time to learn and explore different fields. I am looking forward to the second part of my internship,” she adds.

Despite the fact that this week was very eventful, the highlight of the week was the Innovations in Fight event that KwF was a part of. The event took place in the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in the Steven F. Udavar- Hazy Center and it offered a unique opportunity to explore innovations in design and engineering that occurred in the last century.

According to Giorgi, it was very exciting to participate in this event and talk about his work. “It was very interesting and fun to engage with people from the museum and spread our mission to more people. During our time at the booth, we also assembled a large, fixed-wing UAV aircraft. It was a lot of fun building the drone and talking to people who were interested about the capabilities of the aircraft. I also got a chance to talk about the project that I am currently working on now. It was very encouraging to see people so interested in my project, and it was also interesting to see the enthusiasm in people about our mission,” he says.

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