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Perfectly Rendered Partnership

In 2014, Kashmir Robotics launched the Wildlife Conservation UAV Challenge to inspire people from around the world to develop an unmanned aerial system that can find poachers in the African bush. The rhino and elephant poaching number were raising swiftly. Over 150 teams from around the world answered the call to action. This amazing collaboration empowered students from over 40 countries to become superheros. Some of these superheros reached out from Southern india. They were passionate, dedicated, and eager to use their engineering skills to create a modular aircraft that could solve the short and long distance range in the African Bush.

We are excited to announce our partnership with two students from the CruiseAders Team in India who founded Render Perfect. an Engineering Design Studio to help clients visualise ideas in 3D. For the past five years Samay Sigamani and Kavi Patkunam have been meddling with computers and triggering their artistic talents to conceptualise their dreams in 3-Dimensions and more. They have worked on several engineering conceptual designs and development to produce a High Definition Photorealistic Rendering of 3D Graphic Designs and Models.

Samay and Kavi started their journey using their expertise in Aerospace with "Claire" a VTOL Drone (Vertical Take Off and Landing) by CruiseAder, which is capable of flying as a winged aircraft and also as a copter.

Here's what they have to say about their journey:

We were able to help many innovators in our circles to visualise their ideas, that in return inspired them to think more strategically and helped them to pitch their idea better to their targeted audience. We then decided to get this going by developing this into our visionary Engineering Design Studio to cater our 3D Designing Service to Young Entrepreneurs, Startups and Teams with ideas for their products and turn them into an exhilarating neXt level design.

We also love creating a visual identity for your company by branding with elegant outlooks, produce HD video animations, Motion Posters. Do you think your business sees the potential of VR / AR capabilities? We would be happy to collaborate with you, in developing Virtual and Augmented Reality Applications.

Starting from our main expertise in Aerospace, we have worked on an interesting VTOL Drone (Vertical Take Off and Landing) by CruiseAder, which is capable of flying as a winged aircraft and also as a copter. Here is the glimpse of the awesome looking drone “Claire”.

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