• Darshini Babu Ganesh

KwF is committed to promoting education

Kashmir World Foundation's DaVinci Challenge program will not be participating in what has been referred to as RoboFest 2015. We were unable to confirm any association between the sponsors of this event and ROBOFEST, a registered trademark of Lawrence Technology University; nor were we able to confirm any association between the sponsors of this event and the UAS Academy.

At Kashmir World Foundation we are committed to promoting education, training, and operation of drones to protect wildlife and improve the world. Working with the FAA to ensure legal operation is a pillar of our success. Working with AMA to encourage people of all ages to operate drones safely under appropriate conditions is another.

There are many good opportunities for amateur and commercial applications for drones, but we need to be clear on the difference, particularly during a time when FAA is struggling with an evolving regulatory process and AMA is expanding out of the traditional bounds of RC aircraft to robotic aircraft with RC communications.

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