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KwF Combats Wildlife Trafficking through international collaboration and advanced unmanned systems

Washington, D.C.— The Crime Museum, located at 575 7th St, NW., periodically features temporary exhibits throughout the year and starting June 5, 2015 the Museum will be hosting one such exhibit: Ivory, Tortoise Shell & Fur: The Ugly Truth of Wildlife Trafficking. This exhibit will illustrate the dangers and corruption surrounding the illicit trade from animal capture all the way to manufacture and marketing, this exhibit seeks to educate the public about certain products such as jewelry, purses, and medicines which are being made from animal bones, fur, and shells. The exhibit will also be raising awareness about ongoing efforts to combat wildlife trafficking and educating consumers about what they can do to impact the illicit trade.

Kashmir World Foundation, a nonprofit organization headquartered in Great Falls, is providing the exhibit with counter-poaching drone technology. Developed through a set of global competitions including the Wildlife Conservation UAV Challenge and DaVinci Challenge, the drones are able to detect and locate poachers before they can harm animals. A leader in international collaboration and innovation, KwF is partnering with experts in saving animals and environments worldwide while paving the way for future technologies.

So bring your family and friends out to see the Crime Museum’s Ivory, Tortoise Shell & Fur: The Ugly Truth of Wildlife Trafficking exhibit, which will be open through February of 2016.

For more information on the Crime Museum Exhibit, KwF, or its many projects, check out the websites below:

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