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Game Changing Summer

Even thought Daan was on vacation with his family he still managed to join the team meetings and keep the project moving forward!
Daan, A.I. Team Lead and his little sister enjoy the Mediterranean Coast in Greece

For most people, summer is a time to take it slow and enjoy the sunshine and heat by the beach or in the ocean! Families take vacations to new destinations or visit family and friends in faraway places. But this summer 65 students from around the world embarked on a journey of learning, overcoming challenges, and collaborating by dedicating their time to help protect endangered species through KwF projects. Over the summer KwF Interns from 6 continents virtually worked within 8 different teams from A.I., Drone, Integration, Mobile App & Desktop Software Development, Illustrators, Communication, Game Development, and Animations.

"It has been an amazingly fun and educational experience that has enabled me to take my passion for artificial intelligence to the next level and start working on real-world applications with a team of other international students." Daan Eeltink, Team Lead - Draco aka the A.I. Team

New interns as young as high school freshmen to graduates worked together learning new software, skills, and helping solve challenges by applying their personal skills and capabilities to their projects. KwF is a place where age, location, and other differences become assets in solving problems. Julian one of the youngest interns says, "Being an intern at KwF has been one of the best decisions I have done for myself. I have learned so many new things and am working with many amazing people." Each week Interns would meet to discuss project goals and weekly tasks. Several kept weekly journal entries to monitor their own progress and challenges. Team Leaders helped keep the teams organized and focused on accomplishing weekly tasks while keeping summer goals in perspective.

"I learned that chickens can lay blue eggs and Aliyah has 17 chickens: 17 CHICKENS HOWWWWWWWWWWW (she is very in love with wildlife)." Abimalek Mekuriya, Team Lead for Orion aka Mobile App Development Team.

This Fall Interns will carry the experiences, skills, and lessons gained this summer to help make some classes easier and others more interesting by sharing their personal stories and knowledge. In school we mostly learn, but during this summer Interns applied skills to solve real world challenging problems while working towards project goals. They learned new software, tools, and how to work with a diverse, dynamic and international supportive and engaging team; making some good long term friends through this internship. In the future you never know where your paths will cross.

"It's a great work environment with plenty of helpful people willing to answer any question I have!." Brady Harper, Programmer with the Game Development Team

Working through the summer might not sound fun to most students, but KwF Interns found a way to apply what they have learned at school to the real world. At KwF, we are thankful to all of the Interns that worked throughout the summer to help save and protect endangered species. KwF Intern contributions will always be part of KwF's past while their completed works will continue towards helping make our world a better and safer place for those who cannot defend themselves.

"Working on the Snow Leopard Activity Book was a fun experience! I’m glad I was able to use my best talents to make the book as cool and engaging as it is, and I’m glad I got to work with such an awesome team of Interns. I hope my contributions will leave students in awe and inspired to learn more about art!" Quinn Wakefield, Illustrator for the Snow Leopard Activity Book

Best of Luck to all the interns who will not be returning to school this Fall and thank you to everyone for a such a amazing summer!

"There is nothing that can stop you, if you work towards your goals. Cheers!" Alejandra Rodriguez, Team Lead for Art & Design Team

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