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Foxcroft Students Participate in Photography and Design Workshop with Princess Aliyah and Photograph

On May 12, Princess Aliyah and photographer Mara Szabová visited students at the Foxcroft School for a fun day teaching the girls about the design process for Kashmir Rose shawls and the photography techniques used by Szabová to capture the beauty and history of the shawls. Girls were divided into two groups for the activities – one group participated in a photography workshop with Szabová and the other group had the opportunity to learn about the different ways to design the shawls with Princess Aliyah.

Slovakian photographer Mara Szabová taught the girls through focusing on her series “Unveil the Kashmir Shawl,” which incorporates elements of the shawl creation process, like weaving and water, into the photos of someone modeling the shawls. The girls learned about the importance of using lighting, trying a variety of camera angles, and choosing an interesting background to best communicate the message they were trying to convey. They gave their opinions on the photographs, and were then tasked with doing their own Kashmir Rose photos using what they learned to give their own take on how to educate others about the handmade designs and the preservation of its rich history.

The other group had the chance to work with Princess Aliyah and hear from her about the design process of Kashmir Rose shawls. She explained the different beautiful patterns, colors, and embroidery, as well as the multiple ways to wear the shawls. The girls learned how the shawls are made and the many intricacies of the shawl-making process.

Overall, the Foxcroft girls had a great time working with Princess Aliyah and Mara Szabová, and Princess Aliyah and Mara truly enjoyed their day with a lovely group of students!

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