• Darshini Babu Ganesh

Eighth Week interning for KwF; from a perspective of three international students

Ola, Giorgi and Emely have just finished their eighth week working for Kashmir World Foundation (KwF). They have been working very hard throughout their internship. They have taken advantage of every opportunity their internships have to offer and they made a big progress. All of them are very grateful because they feel like they grew and improved. Here they share their opinions and experiences.

For Giorgi, this week was truly groundbreaking. “I have just finished my eight week working for Kashmir World Foundation. I cannot believe how fast the time passed. I have learned so much throughout this internship and I am very thankful for the opportunity because I believe it provided me with valuable skills and knowledge that I can use in my future development,” he said. “This week was very busy, but also extremely rewarding, because I have made a great progress and the issue I was working on was finally resolved. The network was able to detect the animals including picas and snow leopards which where the major challenge. I was very happy when I saw those bounding boxes appear in the correct places with appropriate names. I have been working on this project for a long time and I was very excited to see the progress. It is very satisfying,” he added.

Even though Giorgi was working very hard, he realizes that there is a lot of work to be done. “I have made a lot of progress on the project; however, it is still not ready to be put in production. I will do my best to get it there; however, I will definitely not have enough time to rough out the edges. There might be some bugs especially considering the fact that I was primarily working on linux operating system, which means there will definitely be some issues when porting to windows. So far this internship has been amazing and I learned so much and hopefully my last 2 weeks will not disappoint,” he concluded.

Emely believes that she has improved a lot throughout this internship, because she had a chance to take advantage of her business and computer science background. “Every week during our internship for Kashmir World Foundation, we have had meetings with the executive director Aliyah Pandolfi in order to check our progress, brainstorm ideas and spend some time together to bond as a team. Even though we do not work on the same projects, we do hear about what the others are doing and I believe is a good practice because it helps us brainstorm ideas for other interns and hear each other’s ideas that might end up really helpful and that we might not even be considering. Since I am double majoring in Business Administration and Computer Science, I feel like those meetings give me the change to switch to a business mind for a little and to come up with ideas for the organization,” sh