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Drones for Positive Change

Once a year the halls at Crowell & Moring are filled with children hand in hand with their parents. Together they enjoy breakfast in the great playroom before enjoying the days activities. Kid's Day is an opportunity for the children to see their parents work environment but also to learn and engage in the a variety skill building activities.

This year's Kid's Day theme was Positive Change. Crowell & Moring invited the Kashmir World Foundation (KwF) to participate to help kids learn about KwF's Drones for Positive Change. Executive Director, Princess Aliyah, spoke with over 90 children about how the foundation develops custom drones for wildlife conservation and protection in collaboration with academics and conservationists. They were intrigued by the idea of drones that can help. So Princess Aliyah gave them a challenge of their own.

Once they had an opportunity to learn about innovation and collaboration to were given a challenge of their own. This about something you care about and how you can use drones to develop a positive solution. Each team discussed ideas around their table and assembled a drone system based on their idea using simple items that can be found at home or in the office.

One team developed a drone to help find lost dogs. They called it Dogo Finder Drone. It was a clever design that included doggie treats and leash. Another team created a fleet of drones to help with forest fires. Some students took current event challenges to develop a drone that can Patrol schools for safekeeping.

Even though most of the children met one another for the very first time they demonstrated great teamwork and presentation skills. Working together can lead to Positive Change.

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