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Drone Education and Flights In Nepal

The Nepal Project Team Leader, Mike Kronmiller, is on a mission to test his search and rescue drone at 20,000 feet altitude in Nepal. His goal is to save lives, but also educate the students at Kanjirowa School in Nepal to build and fly their DaVinci Challenge Drones.

Highlights from his trip: Day 1 - Made it through 23 hours of travel log with a drone that checked through TSA!

Day 2 - Meeting with the Wildlife Warden of Kala Pather park. Mike's email stated, "This meeting was critical for gaining approval to fly at Everest Base Camp. Luckily the warden was supportive of the project and stated he looked forward to a long term relationship with his park and the drone project."

Thanks to Kapil Regmi, the head of STEM for Kanjirowa School Mike was able to meet with the Minister of Education and the students at the school.

Day 3 - Mike presented to the students at Kanjirowa, sharing his progress and the current direction of their class curriculum. Mike worked with the 24 students who have been building their DaVinci Drones he sent back in November. They were excited to see the similarity between Mike's Search & Rescue Drone and their educational DaVinci Drone kits.

The teachers at Kanjirowa asked questions about and Mike responded with, "Kanjirowa is a example for other schools to follow, with the drone kits and help of the curriculum that Kashmir World Foundation has worked on we can get feedback from the teachers to see what we need to work on." In the evening Mike attended dinner with the American Diplomats where he discussed STEM education and collaboration. He even received an invitation to attend the first ever Maker Space Fair in Nepal, this coming September.

Day 4 - Mike presented at the ihub library, funded by the US Embassy. Students from all over attended to learn more about the drone project.

Day 5 - More presentations and waiting on approval to fly at Everest! Perhaps a bit of fresh air is needed... until next time!

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