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College Interns Around the World Unite for a Common Cause

Written By Autumn Young

July 21, 2022

Top Row Left to Right: Elise and Monica. Bottom Row Left to Right: Mariana and Habiba

As a student in college, your professors and advisors have probably urged you to apply for an internship within your major. An internship provides you with the opportunity to apply what you have been learning in the classroom to real-world situations. Such a task is important because you will leave college with experience within your major, and will increase your marketability, giving yourself an edge over other candidates when it comes time to apply for jobs.

While having an internship does allow you to add something to your resume, there is much more that comes with the experience. Monica, an intern on the Graphic Design team who recently graduated from George Mason University, values the “real-world” experiences she has come across as a KwF intern, stating “The real-world experiences that I’ve come to experience while being in the internship has really changed my perspective in terms of college work versus real work. The challenges and adjustments of having to follow and understand the work that I have to do has made me really grow as a person.” Additionally, Monica observed that she has been able to witness the behind-the-scenes action of what it takes to develop and run a “full-blown company.”

Some particularly invaluable skills to pick up while in college are working with a diverse group of people, making connections, and networking, and KwF offers exactly that. At an organization where every intern works virtually, you will have the opportunity to work with others from the United States, Australia, across Europe and Asia, and elsewhere around the world. When first asked about what she likes about KwF, Elise, a Graphic Design intern studying at Virginia Commonwealth University, notes that all the people she has worked with around the world are “great,” and that she has met a lot of new people since starting in May, which has allowed her to learn how to work with a team. Mariana, an intern from Brazil who will be studying Marine Biology at UC Berkeley this fall, seconds this motion and feels that one of the most important skills she is learning at KwF are communication skills, particularly with team members. Speaking of these skills, Mariana commented, “That’s really a lot to learn. To know how to communicate, what to say, when to email. I think that’s the most important thing that I’m learning.”

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Besides soft skills like being able to communicate effectively with others, internships at KwF offer the opportunity for students from diverse backgrounds of a multitude of academic backgrounds, ranging from graphic design, business, game design, computer science, and more to apply their skills. Monica, for instance, hopes to go into the graphic design and marketing fields and has stated, “Being a part of the social media team and the website rebrand has really expanded into the territory that most jobs are looking for now, so I have the experience to say I know what I’m doing.” Speaking of her experience at KwF, Monica has also witnessed a sort of transformation within the business, stating that “It’s slowly turning to a more clear picture of where the company stands, both with an identity, and also the meaning of the company.” Elise’s internship has also been so meaningful to her because, as she states, “I really enjoy the projects that I’m working on because I’m doing things that I would be doing in my free time anyway.”

When you intern with an organization so diverse in its skills and projects, you’ll also learn from other teams. Mariana, though she is in the Graphic Design team, has recounted that she previously wasn’t involved in art, but has learned more and developed an interest through her internship. Notably, every intern within the Graphic Design team at KwF has learned extensively about the Himalayas, endangered wildlife, and drones working within their own team and with other teams, such as the A.I. team.

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For those who wish to intern at KwF, Habiba, an intern who studies at the University of Canberra in Australia, offers this advice: “Definitely make the most out of it, and also try new things, because even if you are comfortable with what you already know, it’s a good way to expand your knowledge.” If you’d like to consider an internship with KwF, please visit our website and apply at:

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