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Desktop Software Developer

Job Type

Virtual Part-Time

About the Role

Are you passionate about software development and interested in building user-friendly desktop applications for wildlife conservation research? Join our team as a Desktop Application UI Developer intern and contribute to creating a robust tool tailored for researchers studying snow leopard populations.

Project Overview:

The technical objective of this project is to leverage React and Electron (Node.js) technologies to build a versatile and user-friendly desktop application for researchers studying snow leopard populations. The application will include core functionalities such as data management, automated image processing for snow leopard detection, and basic visualization features. As development progresses, additional features like interactive maps, customizable reports, and advanced data analysis tools will be integrated to enhance usability and support comprehensive habitat research.


-Collaborate with the development team to implement user interface components using React and Electron.
-Design and develop intuitive and responsive UI features for data management, image processing, and visualization.
-Ensure cross-platform compatibility and optimal performance of the desktop application.
-Participate in code reviews, testing, and debugging to maintain high-quality standards.
-Contribute to enhancing application functionalities based on user feedback and project requirements.


  • Requirements:

    • Proficiency in React.js for building interactive user interfaces.

    • Experience with Electron.js (Node.js) for developing cross-platform desktop applications.

    • Strong understanding of JavaScript/TypeScript, HTML, and CSS.

    • Familiarity with UI/UX design principles and responsive web design.

    • Ability to work independently and collaboratively within an agile development environment.

    • Interest in wildlife conservation and environmental sustainability is a plus.

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