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AI Engineer

Job Type

Virtual Part-Time

About the Role

Are you passionate about applying artificial intelligence to wildlife conservation and counter-poaching efforts? Join our team and contribute to our mission of protecting endangered species, with a focus on snow leopards and sea turtles. As an AI Engineer, you will play a critical role in developing advanced machine learning models using Python, YOLOv8, Weights and Biases, and data labeling tools like Labelbox or Roboflow. Responsibilities:

Designing and implementing advanced machine learning models in Python, utilizing YOLOv8 and above for object detection tasks.
Utilizing Weights and Biases for model training, experimentation, and performance monitoring.
Collaborating closely with interdisciplinary teams to refine and optimize existing AI systems for conservation challenges.
Leveraging data labeling tools like Labelbox or Roboflow to annotate datasets for training machine learning models.
Contributing to the development of self-learning applications to enhance wildlife protection and combat poaching activities.



  • Proficiency in Python for machine learning and deep learning applications.

  • Strong understanding and hands-on experience with YOLOv8 or similar object detection frameworks.

  • Familiarity with Weights and Biases (wandb) for model training and experimentation.

  • Experience using data labeling tools such as Labelbox or Roboflow for annotating training datasets.

  • Solid grasp of data science principles, algorithms, and best practices.

  • Excellent communication skills and ability to collaborate effectively within a team.

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