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Kashmir World Foundation Delegates, Julia Chirite & Arthur Tisseront represented the United States of America at the World Youth Rhino Summit 2014 to speak out against wildlife poaching and trafficking through the use of Kashmir Robotics fully autonomous Counter Poaching Drones.

The World Youth Rhino Summit was a focused gathering of 100 young conservation leaders aged 15-17 years from South Africa, other African countries affected by rhino poaching, consumer countries in Asia, and other representative countries. Delegates, educators, and conservation leaders, were brought together at the symbolic iMfolozi Game Reserve to directly address the current rhino poaching crisis and develop resolutions needed to stop burgeoning wildlife crime.


The World Youth Rhino Summit’s goal is to engage future leaders in rhino/wildlife conservation & protection strategies and empower delegates to become local, national and international Ambassadors for wildlife & conservation to influence policy at local, state, national and international levels.

Julia Chirite

Communications Intern

Julia Chirite has a global vision with a drive to improve the world. At 17 she started as a volunteer model with Kashmir Rose, but her passion and dedication to learn new skills enabled a quick transition to intern and then as employee with Kashmir World Foundation. Julia has demonstrated excellence in marketing, social media, blogging, wildlife conservation, drone building and managing interns. In less than a year, Julia has proven her ability to accomplish tasks through teamwork utilizing her natural leadership skills.  She created the "School Supplies Drive" in order to help educate children in Africa, and she has been chosen to represent KwF's Wildlife Conservation UAV Challenge at the World Youth Rhino Summit in South Africa.  Julia is a senior at Langley High School in Great Falls, Virginia.  

Arthur Tisseront

Drone Intern

Arthur Tisseront, 16, is a junior at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science & Technology. Arthur is also an Intern with KwF as the 'Drone Expert.' In the last year he has built two drones, started a website for his future aerial photography business, mentored students of the DaVinci Challenge: Build a Drone Workshop, and interviewed for the wcUAVc upcoming National Geographic documentary. Arthur believes that "in the next 12 months, drones will be scoping out poachers, that’s one of the biggest applications it could be used for, along with tons of other applications.”
Arthur will also represent the KwF at the upcoming World Youth Rhino Summit, in South Africa.

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KwF Delegates Julia & Arthur are Youth Conservation Ambassadors in the United States. They will help develop social networks amongst peers, educate and drive awareness of the negative socio-economic impacts of poaching and wildlife crime.

Each delegate will be tasked to undertake specific actions in the 12 months following the Summit, including:
• Presentations to schools and youth bodies
• Enlisting media support (radio and newspaper interviews)
• Penning blogs and participating in online forums.

You can support this project by Inviting Julia & Arthur to speak at your school, university, business to discuss the importance of a balanced environment where humans and animals can live in harmony. Email: info@kashmirworldfoundation.org

The beach clean up

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The Summit

On behalf of KwF, a very special thanks to Astrid Tisseront for chaperoning Arthur & Julia on this adventurous and educational journey. 


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