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Kashmir Academy, the educational division of KwF, provides hands-on and collaborative programs for scientists, academics and conservationists to apply self-aware custom robotic aircraft for endangered species conservation and protection. 

Science & Technology

Kashmir Robotics, the science & technology division of KwF, develops and applies deep learning neural networks to air and ground robotic systems to achieve optimal solutions of conservation and counter poaching.

Art Preservation

Kashmir Rose, the art history division of KwF, creates handcrafted eco-friendly products to financial support the development of Kashmir Robotics technologies and provide grants and scholarships for Kashmir Academy. 


KwF projects focus on developing and using autonomous drones programmed with deep learning neural networks used for wildlife conservation and counter poaching of endangered species.


KwF partners with international organizations that help create awareness on wildlife trafficking and poaching of endangered species. 


KwF develops hands on programs to educate and train conservationists, educators, and students on customizing drone for mission focused applications. 


From the African bush to the coast line of the Americas and mountainous range of the Himalayas we collaborate with people who are passionate about integrating art, science and technology to improve the lives of humans and wildlife worldwide. 

MiSHELL Defender

MiSHELL Defender is a fully autonomous custom drone with the ability to collect and process data onboard. MiSHELL will be “trained” to perform the functions of human beach walkers, identifying and locating turtle tracks, following the tracks to locate nests, observing nests, and reporting on their location and condition.

Wildlife Conservation UAV Challenge

International challenge that fosters innovation and invention in the design, fabrication, and utilization that emphasizes the integration of sensors, embedded systems, and communications in a robust and high endurance aircraft for counter poaching and illicit wildlife trafficking in the African bush.

Wildlife Trafficking Crime Exhibit

Kashmir World Foundation partnered with the National Museum of Crime & Punishment in Washington, D.C., to open the first Wildlife Trafficking Exhibit, "The Ugly Truth of Wildlife Trafficking." The exhibit allows visitors to learn about wildlife trafficking, how it affects different wildlife species throughout the world and how Kashmir Robotics' drones help protect them.

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