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Kashmir World Foundation has partnered with the Nepal Robotics project to help educate and train the students at Kanjirowa School in Nepal with the DaVinci Challenge Drone Kits,  with a mission focus to develop a search and rescue drone that can detect and locate avalanche victims. 

Nepal Robotics

A Student-Driven, International Collaborative Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Robotics Project


The USA-Nepal STEM Project is an ambitious, globe-spanning, collaboration to achieve humanitarian objectives through technological innovations and applications appropriate to the unique circumstances of Nepal, yet potentially applicable to the circumstances of other nations. This project is spearheaded by Micheal Kronmiller a senior at Bullis School. Mike is an aspiring developer of high technology products to meet essential needs of society, including disaster relief. Mike initiated this project in late 2013 and plans to test this prototype drone in Marach 2016 in Nepal.


The ultimate goal of the Project is to design, manufacture, test, and evaluate sensor-equipped, small unmanned aircraft systems, “sUAS,” or “drones,” capable of locating disaster victims, supporting disaster avoidance, and inspecting vulnerable bridges and aerial lines and cables, in some of the most challenging conditions on earth. To meet this goal, students at two schools on opposite sides of the planet have joined forces, with the support of distinguished aviators, scientists, engineers, technologists, geologists, legal experts, and hardware and software developers.


Drone Kit Pick Up

Mike purchased 6 drones kits for the students at Kanjirowa in Nepal to start learning how to build, fly and use drones for real world applications. Kashmir World Foundation is dedicated to provide the students with education and guidance needed to complete the kits and develop their applications. 

Flight Controller 

During the Jonas winter blizzard Mike worked on his drone for 20 hours. Completing the build with motor and esc installing. Once the snow melted away Dr. Pandolfi guided Mike on the connections for his flight controller, gps/compass and ground station. He also provided Mike with a DaVinci Drone Q5 to test the avionics on for his first flight. 

Mike's Drone Build & Flight Videos
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