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Kashmir Academy created the DaVinci Challenge: Build a Drone Workshop to give students of all ages an opportunity to integrate art, science, and engineering with a focus on achieving new mission capabilities with unmanned aerial flights.

"We will never forget our experience, and I know it will have a lasting impression on my son."

- Paul Brigner




As our world evolves, our means of educating must evolve to actively engage students in hands-­on learning workshops where critical thinking skills are developed. Through on ­the­ spot decision making, students can directly observe and understand what is happening while learning leadership skills. 


DaVinci Challenge workshops inspire and empower students of all ages in solving real world challenges in a diverse and collaborative environment through interdisciplinary education and training via aerial robotics. Drawing on inspiration from the work of Leonardo da Vinci, the challenge begins with a study of flight in nature, then progresses through a series of interactive sessions, videos and engaging exercises to provide the skills needed to assemble a fully autonomous drone. In this dynamic hands-on workshop, students learn to design, fabricate, and operate a multi-copter while documenting the steps in their engineering logbook. Students complete their assembly, ground testing, and flight training, then proceed to the field for an experience in flight.


Throughout the Workshop, students are encouraged to think about how they might customize their drone to solve a problem. A variety of rapid prototyping methods are introduced including computer aided design (CAD) and 3D printing. Students completing the workshop present on their flying creatures and complete their engineering logbook before they can receive a Drone Operator Certificate during the Awards Ceremony. 


After graduating from the program many DaVinci Scholars remain active with the DaVinci Challenge as mentors, participating in open Flight Day demonstrations, join the Drone Coders Network or even become DaVinci Challenge Instructors. Kashmir Robotics' projects for ground, air and marine robotic systems equipped with artificial intelligence, students can become involved in studying and protecting endangered species. 



Teachers Take Flight Workshops
​Build, program, and operate drone for STEM curriculum that puts you at the forefront of machine learning and custom unmanned aerial robotic systems for project-based learning.​
Fly for Conservation Workshops
Focused on educating and training Biologist and Researchers on building, operating and maintaining drones for conservation and counter poaching.
DaVinci Challenge Immersion
Our public workshops are open for friends and family of all ages to build, program and fly your drone.
SuperHERo Drone Girls Workshops
Our program focuses on fostering excitement in girls and young women about STEAM education by introducing ways that drones can benefit our world, such as wildlife conservation, agriculture, and humanitarian efforts.
After School Workshops
We can teach afterschool at your school! Contact us today.
Private DaVinci Challenge Workshops
Our private workshops can be customized to meet your groups needs. We even travel!
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